Dear Users,

Welcome to Dagitally. Dagitally is a Peer to Peer platform for selling and buying all kind of digital products. The unit of exchange used on the platform is Dagcoin. In order to create a better experience for you and to protect your interests and Dagitally’s interests, we have created the following terms of service, which may be updated from time to time. We appreciate your effort to read, understand and follow these terms of service while enrolling, using or referring Dagitally services.

1. Definitions:

    • Client/Buyer/User: An individual who registers with to use the services offered by Dagitally.
    • Dagcoin: Transaction unit built on dagchain and storable in Dagwallets [Please see for more details]
    • Dagitally: Platform of digital products in exchange of Dagcoin
    • Digital Products: Digital items including but not limited to ebooks, audio, podcasts, graphics, fonts, templates etc. with Dagcoin(s) as medium of exchange.
    • DM Marketplaces OÜ.: A company registered in Estonia with register number 10520700 and provider of the Dagitally service.

2. Acceptance of these terms of service as modified, amended, altered along with annexures that exist or may be added later (with prior intimation to the Client), privacy policy, intellectual property rights policy and the arbitration agreement is necessary for the use of the Dagitally service. Kindly do not use the Dagitally service if you do not agree to the terms of Service, privacy policy, intellectual property rights policy and the arbitration agreement. Dagitally’s failure to enforce these terms of service partly or in whole does not mean a waiver to enforce the terms of service by Dagitally later.

3. Registering for Dagitally service requires you to follow the guidelines given below:

    • Please co-operate with Dagitally for Client verification if you are asked for the same.
    • Provide correct details about yourself. If we discover that you have provided wrong details while registering for Dagitally service, we will close your Dagitally account and permanently bar you from using our services.
    • Please read these terms of service, privacy policy, intellectual property rights policy and the arbitration agreement carefully and register with Dagitally only if you agree to these terms of service privacy policy, intellectual property rights policy and the arbitration agreement.
    • Create a unique password using complex set of letters, numbers and special marks and do not share your password with anyone. Losing your password is not a crime but it will be an unnecessary hassle for you to recover your account after you have lost your password.
    • You can register for Dagitally services only if you are 18 years of age or above. If you are below 18 years of age, we will need a letter from your parent/ legal guardian authorizing us to open an account for you.
    • Dagitally service is not available to businesses at the moment.
    • Registration with Dagitally does not create any employment, agency, franchise, partnership or any other legal relationship between Dagitally and the Client.
    • Dagitally reserves the rights of usage. Dagitally shall also follow global sanctions that may result in some users not getting access to the service due to the sanctions.

4. Buyers must observe the following guidelines:

    • Buyer is purchasing a single user license and can use the digital product for their personal use only. Buyers do not have the right to alter, copy, redesign, obtain a derivative or offer the digital product for further sale.
    • The ownership of all the rights in the Digital product is with the author and/or Dagitally. Buyers cannot claim any ownership of the Digital Product.
    • If Buyer comes across any digital items that violate/offend user or are found inappropriate in any manner, Buyer can report the content to Dagitally support immediately. Dagitally shall follow standard norms to screen the digital products that buyer has reported about.
    • Buyer has the right to get a defective digital product changed with 14 days of the purchase of the digital product.
    • Buyer agrees that Dagitally’s liability is limited to 100 euros. If you do not agree to this term, please do not use Dagitally service. Your usage of Dagitally service is an express consent to this term and all terms contained in the terms of service.

5. Breaking of Terms of Service is viewed seriously by us. By breaking the terms of service, you clearly communicate to us that you do not respect Dagitally, its users and these terms. Accordingly, we may, at our discretion and depending on the gravity of the breach:

    • Issue a warning letter to you and give you time to correct the error.
    • Issue a public warning against you making all our Buyers aware of your conduct to protect them from your negative action.
    • Suspend your Dagitally account for a definite period.
    • Effect permanent deletion of your account and block you from using our services.
    • Suspend your license to use the digital product

6. User Verification: Dagitally may verify its users either at the time of registration for the platform or any time thereafter to ensure the genuineness of the user. Dagitally may also reverify the users to check for fake profiles and scams. Dagitally reserves the right to close a user account or deny the user any kind of access to the platform if the user fails to comply with the verification process or fails to produce the required documents.

7. Compliance with Local laws: All users shall comply with local, state, national and international laws and sanctions and taxation rules. Dagitally shall actively co-operate with law enforcement agencies if any user violates any law, bye-law, rule or regulation.

8. Clients may choose to close their account with Dagitally at any time by writing to Dagitally support. Dagitally shall also provide a link on its website for enabling users to close their account. However, such closure can be completed only if the Client does not have any pending complaints against him/her. Dagitally will delete Client’s data, upon closure except the data that Dagitally is required to keep according to law and for such period as the law prescribes.

9. Privacy policy is an important document and all clients must read it before starting to use Dagitally services. Dagitally respects client privacy and privacy laws and shall endeavor to protect the privacy of an individual. However, if you do not agree to the Dagitally privacy policy, please do not use Dagitally services.

10. Dagitally wordmark, colormark, logo etc. are intellectual property of Dagitally. By opening an account with Dagitally and/or using Dagitally services, Clients do not get any right, title, interest, claim over Dagitally’s intellectual property.

11. Arbitration is the best way to resolve any dispute. A separate arbitration agreement that shall be read along with the terms of service and is an integral part of this terms of service clearly defines the procedure of settlement of disputes that may arise between Buyer and Dagitally. We encourage you to read the arbitration agreement also.

12. The laws of Estonia shall govern the terms of service and the Courts of Estonia shall have jurisdiction over these terms of service.

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