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by Gilbert Pardla in - 03/10/2020
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This 245-page trading course is for beginners who would like to take their first steps as traders. Our course covers two areas in which you can trade, explains market factors in detail and makes them understandable, and shows how to involve them when trading.
The course is built up in such a way that you start out with a theoretical part, followed by a practical part, and finally by the introduction of a very good strategy to trade in real life and make turning a profit a real possibility. Let’s get started!


Gilbert Pardla

I am an entrepreneur, trader, investor and an enthusiast of Blockchain technology. I have several bearing roles in various cryptography-related development projects. I have a lot of experience managing different kinds companies, departments, projects and I have a leader know-how work experience and lead skills manage the teams. Today, mainly I am owner and CEO for Norwegian construction company and owner and investor for few Estonian enterprises. Additionally I'm working with different teaching projects about training of people, how trade and invest in Forex and Cryptocurrency market.

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