Home Workout Guide – No equipment HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), 2 Day Split

by Helena Mang in - 03/10/2020


Stop with excuses!

This Booklet helps you to get started with new, improved daily routine that increases your physical strength, flexibility, gives you better mood and overall feeling. No Gym? No Problem!

Booklet comes in PDF format. It is 8 pages long and includes:

  1. Two different HIIT style home workouts
  2. Exercises in pictures
  3. Additional instructions
  4. Repetitions and sets for each exercise
  5. Guidance for rest periods
  6. Nutrition 101
  7. Seven simple steps for improved healthy eating habits

No additional equipment needed for workouts.

There is no better time to improve your life than NOW! Be active, be healthy and look better!




Helena Mang

You can count different sports more than you have fingers. But what makes fitness and bodybuilding stand out from the crowd is its focus in eating habits and strict discipline with training & nutrition.Preparing for numerous competitions, I have gained invaluable experience: how to regulate my trainings & meal plans to achieve that desired “best shape ever”. Next to competing, I have a desire to use those skills to help others. Would you like to improve your quality of life, feel better, look better? Well, then you are in the right place! What do you have to lose, besides that extra weight?

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