Fall into the magic of East 🎶

by Tokai Ogtayoghlu in - 03/10/2020


For those who want to fell in haunting engravings in a musical sense 🎶

  1. Waltz – “Waltz” from “Symphonic Poem”
  2. Azerbaijani Engravings – a symphonic dedication in 4 movements (2019): Mov. “Yallı” – 00:001:57 “On native shores” – 1:584:55 “Old town” – 4:567:17 “Victory March” – 7:188:44 – “Hope / Waltz” – 8:4510:28 / 10:3011:51
  3. “Blowing Escape” – (pop song) a track from “Ballet Engravings” and “Symphonic Sketches”
  4. Fairy-tales – (pop song) a track from “5 Pieces for Orchestra” and “Rhythms of Fairy Tales”


Tokai Ogtayoghlu

Tokai Ogtayoghlu is a young songwriter, composer, and singer. Symphony and classical art-song composition with traditional Azerbaijani elements are main genres of his music. Besides musical interests, Ogtayoghlu holds two higher educational degrees in Social Sciences. Ogtayoghlu holds BA in Public Affairs from Azerbaijani Diplomatic Academy based in Baku, as well as MA in Governance and Democracy from the University of Tartu based in Estonia. Public governance and societal changes are the main fields of scientific study that Ogtayoghlu has been preoccupied with in last several years. He is currently working as an Advisor for Smart Devices support in the global corporation "Transcom" in Tallinn city, Estonia.

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